this yellow.

I know how to judge when I am really busy in life. I see it when I look at my nails and realize I have had the same color on for more than two or three days (right now it is yellow and I am just TIRED of it, this yellow needs to go). With my new job, it has actually gotten to the point where I have worn the same polish for almost two weeks (okay… I am exaggerating only a little, maybe 10 days).

My students and I began discussing Christmas vacations today (it may or may not have had to do with me telling them everyday how many more days until I get to fly home and see my family) and one boy informed me that he is going to Russia! I was like, “Cool! to see family?” and he said, “No! Because I want to ride a ‘one horse open sleigh’.” Oh, right. That should have been my first guess seeing as how they are singing “Jingle Bells” for the Christmas concert.

Remember when I said I wanted to become a master at (in?) nunchucks? Totally still working on that goal… while at the same time I am reaching for that ever allusive black belt (again, that is not entirely true as it only takes about 1 year to get a black belt in Korea… as opposed to the 3 or 4 years it takes in the USA, hehe). I am now the proud owner of a beautiful purple belt and I am almost tempted to stay with it for a while, being that purple is my favorite color… but then I remember that black is the best and always makes females look slimmer so… back to the gym I go. Like actually right now. Which is why I must end this post. Hugs for everyone!


After I watched Kathleen take all of my purple belt testing pictures sitting down it made a lot of sense to me why she stopped after her yellow belt, thanks babe!







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