for audrey

i am becoming more educated.  as i sat in a lush faculty meeting room, in an international school located on the opposite side of this freaking large city that is seoul, and watched a 178 page (slight estimation-it might have been longer) “research project” thud on the table across from where i was sitting… well, i realized what a stupid decision my becoming more educated was.

i am getting my masters.

in korea.

from a university in california.

and my first class starts the day i fly back from christmas break in the states. awesome.

in other news i have felt like throwing up all day because i somehow got suckered into playing in a basketball game (lady teachers vs. girls varsity) this week. my basketball abilities extend to me at 10 years old having “bouncing the basketball as low to the ground as possible for as long as possible”  competitions with my four brothers (okay, I was 10 so it might have only been two brothers) on our dirt driveway. i highly doubt i can even dribble the ball down the court (which is fancy basketball talk for walking and bouncing the ball at the same time). i went up to the gym to convince ms.b (the coach) that i think i am coming down with a very rare case of basketgitis (see how I just replaced “laryn” with “basket”? i am so clever) and i should probably bench myself. she didn’t buy it. i now have to go home and get my tennis shoes so i can at least practice with the other teachers, all five of us who volunteered (mostly elementary teachers too might i add, i think it is because we are used to making ourselves look ridiculous in front of our students, anything for education!).

i have to go get my shoes now.


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