how do we feel about it? we feel good. really good.

it was a chaos of red, green, and white. confetti (it ‘snowed’ during the christmas concert) littered the floor, wrapping paper -aimed for the recycle bin but missed by a long shot- stuck to my shoes, pencils under desks, christmas cards crumpled and forgotten, sticky hands saying goodbye (we made marshmallow snowmen at the end of the day), shouts in the hallway, little and big feet stomping out… and then silence.

until the teachers took a breath, stepped out of their classrooms into an empty hall knowing they would not be filled with children (or themselves) again for three weeks, and started to shout and dance. literally. if you thought the students were excited to go home you have not seen the joyous face of a teacher going on break. every time someone walked down the hall from their classroom with their coat on and purse in hand (or backpack in the men’s case) a new chorus of, “WHA-HOOOOO! Have a great Christmas!” was heard from all the teachers still celebrating in each other’s classrooms.

i leave for the airport in one hour and thirty one minutes. the only sadness i am feeling right now is knowing how quickly this time is going to go. but i push that impatiently from my mind and focus on the amazing feeling i will have being surround by friends and family that i have been separated from for a year and a half now, 16 months, 455 days (not that i have been counting) and i think “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!”

i had a friend already request a blog post from me on reverse culture shock. i will let you know how it goes^^.

and as i sit here waiting (why did i pack so early?!) to leave for home (BECAUSE I AM GOING HOME!), i want to share this video with you. i made it for one of my students who is leaving my school to go live with his mother in another country. why it had to be him to leave i don’t know, and i am sad. he was the best behaved, has the kindest heart, and leads the class without them knowing it, in that silent way.

when i played this for the class i heard from one student, “oh, i don’t like this song, it makes me feel sad!” gosh I love second graders…


2 thoughts on “how do we feel about it? we feel good. really good.

  1. You are well on your way to our empty arms so we can transfer our love into you over the next few weeks. You will go back stronger and filled with love overflowing to pass along to others once again:) Can’t wait to hold you!! Have a great trip and soak in your family!!!
    Love, hugs and more love and hugs, Mama K

  2. LOVE the video~!! loved the song choice!!! i now rian must have loved it as well! πŸ™‚ i’m soo excited for your trip to the states!!! but i’m sad i won’t get to see your BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING face! πŸ™‚ omg..i took copious notes tonight at collide which was hard b/c p. del gives like 10 sermons in one and a whole bunch of awesome one liners….it was AWESOME of course!!! i will try to send it to you in e-mail form soon!!!!

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