finding america again

goodbye: 12:30 p.m. saturday, south korea.

hello: 6:40 a.m. sunday, usa.

time elapsed from leaving apartment in seoul and arriving to the baggage claim area in detroit michigan:

32 hours, 10 minutes.

waiting for flight #1 (out of 3) at Incheon Airport!

bag arrives and big brother Josh appears through the windows of the airport pick up zone at 7 a.m. I get in the truck and he offers me a coke. “Josh, I quit drinking coke over seven months ago.”

‘Why would you do that?” Josh, who probably drinks the same amount of coke I used to (which is a BIG feat) shakes his head and mutters something about hearing that a while ago *he obviously doesn’t read my blog or e-mails home. But at least he wakes up really early on a Sunday morning to get me from the airport. Thanks bro. The kit-kats for breakfast were awesome too!

I stayed awake all day and stumbled into my brother’s guest bed around 11:30 that night… over 48 hours after I left my room in Seoul. I was probably jet lagged until today (Friday, Christmas Eve) haha… my body is going to finally adjust and then I head back home… oh well…

I completely forgot that dishwashers existed.

Eight months ago, when I hopped over to Maryland for a friend’s wedding I was talking to every cashier, every random walker, every person who crossed my path. Now, I stare blankly when a stranger says something as if I don’t know English. I was in the post office, mailing letters (as you do in a post office) and someone said something to me-who knows what-I didn’t even do the normal acknowledgement sound or smile… I literally just stared blankly and kept putting stamps on the letters. She probably thought I was mute.

I also forgot mailboxes along the road in the country existed, I got the mail for my family the other day (two letters were actually FOR ME, I don’t even live here!), it was neat.

Coming back to my parents’ house in good ol Middleville, I was really excited to drive for the first time in 16 months. After discovering I left my license in Korea my Dad laughed when I mentioned borrowing the car. Then, we realized I turned 25 in Korea MEANING my license expired anyway. I thought getting it renewed would be the worst hassle (being used to doing paperwork in a foreign country), one piece of paper and a fabulous new license picture later and I can drive!

merry christmas


2 thoughts on “finding america again

  1. Your line – I completely forgot that dishwashers existed. Just struck me as so funny. It’s so true though – Americans take a lot of crazy things for granted and think we “need” these things. I’m spending Christmas in a small very poor village in Jamaica, and all they “need” is a good feast and their family. And trust me there is no dishwasher there – well, me maybe… Merry Christmas, enjoy your return.

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