i like to do things.

after two amazing fun-filled weeks of visiting family and friends and hosting a friend from korea (minkee was in michigan? yes, yes he was) and driving open country roads in the rain and snow (love michigan) and celebrating holidays -merry christmas and happy new year!- i left the mid-west and headed all the way west for a pit stop in california before coming back to seoul. i love the city of san francisco and happen to have many friends there whom I do not get to see very often (who says whom? this girl). the first day i spent hanging out with four of my boys back from the highschool days, it was hilarious to see middleville invading SF. we plan on taking over.

they took me to the pirate store.

things i did in san francisco:

i went to trader joe’s. i felt californian. (i went there purely for the purpose of buying a bottle of vanilla extract for a friend back home who specifically requested trader joe’s vanilla extract and then i proceeded to leave the bottle at my friend’s place in SF, oops…)

i ate a lot of healthy food including many vegetables. i felt very californian.

i went to the pirate store. 826 Valencia Street. Go There.

i saw a lot of dogs. my friend recently read a statistic saying that there are more dogs in san francisco than children. i totally believe that.

i took the Bart. muni. a bus. after living in seoul i am such a city girl it is laughable.

i accidentally discovered TCHO’s chocolately workshop. my sister wrote a blog post about them a while back and if she hadn’t i probably would have walked right by this place because the storefront wasn’t even finished (come on people, it’s all about appearance). but she did write the post and i did check out the store and tasted all of their samples until they kicked me out (okay, no… that didn’t actually happen). it was incredible.

i went to pier 39 (fisherman’s wharf) and saw a seal. one. it was neato still.

i walked china town.

i went up a glass elevator in one of the nicest hotels i have ever been too (erin kemp: “just act like you own the place and no one says anything”) and had a view of the entire city.

i saw two sunsets at the beach. TWO. they were pretty.

i ate indian.i ate mexican. i ate thai. i ate pizza. i ate cafe sandwiches. i ate. and ate. and ate.

i biked over the golden gate bridge.

i broke my foot (that was before china town AND the golden gate bridge… i just taped it up, no big deal) or somehow managed to seriously injure it and i dont know how.

besides the randomly damaged foot i had an amazing time. i was hosted by the greatest friends and i will go back. california, it is the place to be. what a vacation.

and now. for some pictures.

you have to try it. so so good.

this is me, before I biked across the bridge. it was a gorgeous day, i got really lucky ^^

on the bridge coming back...

it can be months or years, but we will always come back together, missed the rest of you durban peeps!


they have it so good in california... they don't even know.


5 thoughts on “i like to do things.

  1. vanilla extract! you went to trader joes! well…it’s the thought that counts…and i’m glad the state of my birth treated you to a fantastic and lovely time.

    • there is still a chance i have it somewhere in my luggage (havent unpacked) my friend emailed and said she couldnt find it in her apartment so… i will let you know!

  2. Mel,
    I will mail you some Trader Joe’s Vanilla Extract to give to your friend. I know people. Okay, so I only live 20 minutes from a Trader Joe’s and have a slight obsession with the place.

    • i didnt know there was a trader joe’s in michigan?! good news though, apparently it is not at my friends place so it MUST be somewhere in my luggage ^^ I was nervous to bring it in a carryon because it was over 2 ounces but I guess it must have snuck on through… or disappeared?

  3. Actually there’s six Trader Joe’s in Michigan. They’re all on the east side. So if you ever want anything let me know:)

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