i know the coolest people.

her name is amanda. her husband’s name is jacob. this couple has been through more than the people who survived the sinking of the titanic (slight exaggeration? maybe. but I had to think of something big). that story is for another time though (amanda, write a book about it!). i met amanda my freshman year at western michigan university. she took me under her wing (as a sophomore) during band camp, we both play(ed-i plan on picking it back up!) the clarinet. i love this girl.

after i took a year off of school to be on a team at my church (often known as a gap year, lo and behold I was on the GAP team… kind of like a bible college for ten months, only more intense) i never quite found my niche again with amanda and the other girls i befriended while i was in marching band, and i didnt join the band again when i went back to western (once you leave something as rigorous like that, it is really hard to go back- oh and by the way, WMU’s marching band is TOTALLY cool) but the year i spent with them (i love you stacy, laura, and sarah!) -and her- will always be impressed upon my heart. that is why i love going to amanda’s blog and reading about her life.

her latest post took my breath away. jacob and amanda ran a marathon together. are you kidding me?

it’s a great post, read about it HERE.

she is also on my blogroll that way (a day in the life of)————> so check her out!


3 thoughts on “i know the coolest people.

  1. Words can not express my surprise and honor it was to read this post. I am in awe of you also, thank goodness for blogs rights?! What an honor. Thank you.

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