Fact: Kids get bored easily.

Fact: Kids can be entertained by the same thing over and over and over again, not tiring (or getting bored of it) easily.


I recently read about this blog that is dedicated to what makes people smile. Those deep, warm, melts you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, kind of smiles. It got me to thinking about how often I smile, and what I smile about.

I smile at my students, who are constantly saying ridiculous and funny things (I wish I had a mental tape recorder to plug into my computer- aka a better memory- if I don’t write them down right away I forget).

I smile over a fantastic cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. There is a coffee shop right by my apartment that I frequently go to because they warm their hot chocolate to JUST the right temperature. I am impatient (when it comes to eating and drinking hot things, when it comes to my students…well, I am working on it) and want to drink my delicious cup of chocolately goodness RIGHT AWAY and the good folks at Sugar Rings know how to hand out the cup of hot chocolate at just the right temperature for me to start drinking it and it STAYS warm until the very end. Yeah, I smile deeply over my cup of cocoa.

I smile when I worship, nothing compares to my intimate time with the big G-O-D.

I smile at the thought of my family and friends, because I love them.

I smile, really smile, when I see a father in public interacting with his son or daughter… there is something about it that tugs at my heart-strings every single time.

What makes you smile?

this boy make me smile. i took my students outside to get pictures of them looking up at the clouds. there were no clouds (the one time I want them, come on Korea...)


5 thoughts on “smiles


    1. Noah falls asleep
    2. My house is clean
    3. The laundry is done
    4. Izzie eats her food
    5. I sleep more than three hours at night
    6. I look at your blog and see my adorable Izzie smiling in the background
    7. Noah says, “Goodnight Momma, I love you too.”
    8. Izzie says, “You’re the best Momma ever.”
    9. I bake
    10.I think of chocolate

  2. I smile when I think of you:)

    When I watch my children with their children:)

    At sunrises and sunsets:)

    How silly my kids are:)

    How great our GOD is!!:)

    When I see or think of my wonderful husband:)

    When I see someone help someone else:)

  3. Love that photo of your student!! It’s definitely making me smile. I should also check out the hot chocolate at sugar rings~!! I smile when:
    1. God answer prayers when I least expect it
    2. I get all the things done on my to do list
    3. There’s a sale!
    4. I look at old photos
    5. I see CHO SIWON! hahaha…super junior singer
    6. I talk to my friends in ny…
    7. I see grandparents holding hands…so cute~

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