I am not defined by my status! Really!

It’s Friday.

I came to work today when it was actually already light outside.


It’s Friday!!!

I am working my way through my first year of teaching, in my own classroom. This. Is. Not. Easy. But, you know what makes it easier? Having amazing co-workers and mentor teachers.

One of my really good friends, and the person who recommended me for the job I have now, is also my mentor teacher. Ms. Kim teaches 5th Grade. Ms. Kim and Ms. Welton (that’s me! yes I am speaking in third person, get over it) decided that it would be a great idea to have our class create reading buddies together. Today, 5A came down to 2B’s room, and we split our kids up into pairs. We decided that our first activity would be a Venn Diagram so that the reading buddies would have the chance to get to know each other before they dove head first into a book.

Being the awesome teachers that we are, Ms. Kim and I modeled what we wanted the students to do. Ms. Kim held up a Venn Diagram and asked the students what we might put in the middle circle (where both circles inter lap to show similarities). We are expecting “You are both teachers, you are both woman…” but as Ms. Kim calls on one of my little girls she says, “You are both not married.”


Why, thank-you so much for pointing that out.


One thought on “I am not defined by my status! Really!

  1. I love all your new entries…OMG yes this was the funniest comment of the day from your second grader~~ how does she know that i’m not married as well??!! hahahaha… i love your students~~

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