I have been unhappy with my blog layout ever since I wanted to display my adorable niece, after she (aka her mom) sent me these pictures last fall.
I finally found a layout that I like ^^, not too sure about the background color yet. We shall see how I feel tomorrow. I am currently learning sign language, with a couple other amazing girls, to this song.
It is powerful.
that is all. happy saturday!

2 thoughts on “change

  1. OMG…i LOVE this song…i was introduced to it by one of my team mates from our missions trip~~ it is such a powerful song….i feel like God wants to show me His glory this year!! 🙂 i want to learn the body worship as well~~!!i love this song…

    I also LOVE your new layout..the mint green is perfect..and i love the “if you are here, you are awesome” graphic…so you!! I also love your new header with your niece!!!

    I hope you are the JM prayer meeting…i couldn’t go b/c i am sick and in bed right now… :T

    • thanks for all your comments sister, I am glad you like the green… I am really attached to it now! and I am using the same layout as you (just my own style of it)! did you notice? you are my mentor! I hope you feel better, ugh, being sick. NOT FUN.

      p.s. I will totally teach you the body worship to that song!

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