I have a confession to make. Tonight. I did not want to go help my little orphan boy learn English. I know. It sounds horrible. I had all the excuses right? I have been sick for the past week, I need to get to bed early and get better (as if I would go to be early). I have grad class this weekend and so much stuff due I must do it (I am a procrastinator, no need changing that now, I will get around to it later). I have so much to do for my class this week (I ALWAYS have something to do at work).

Two weeks ago I went to tutor Han Wool and he was gone at ski camp, no one told me. Last week I went to tutor Han Wool and he was in a different English class by a worker at the Children’s Home. I had to wait 30 minutes to even hang out with him. I figured this week something else would happen, though I have been going to tutor Han Wool every Monday at 7 p.m. for over a year now.

If I am being honest I just didn’t want to go. It’s cold. I was being selfish.

I went. AND GUESS WHAT? Han Wool READ TO ME. Yes, it may have been only 3 or 4 words… but he READ. Dr. Seuss I love you. I had such a great time with this boy I was reminded why Monday used to be my favorite day of the week. Time to get back in that mindset. Man, I had such a great evening, and then Jee Young and I went to Isaac’s for dinner. Best Toast Sandwiches Ever.

I took some pictures of Seoul this weekend. Here they are.

wow. now this big beautiful heel…yeah, definitely korea.

still can't believe the smallest size in this asian country is still a little too big for my feet!

I took this picture and then messed around with some of my camera settings, I love the outline of the hangul letters.

I would have never discovered this little coffee shop if I was looking for little alleys to take pictures of. I LOVE seeing Seoul through the eyes of my camera lenses.

sometimes i forget that staring daily at a foreign language used to be abnormal for me...

my friend kelly recently told me that I take a lot of pictures of food. she was right.


5 thoughts on “confession…

  1. OMG…i’m still thinking about the toast & time i will buy~!! and yes i’m so glad you went tonight as well!!!

  2. omgosh! i’m so glad he read to you! that makes up for all the days he skipped out on your time with him… hahaha kids know how to bring surprises don’t they?

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