a moment of panic. a moment of pride.

my computer shut down at work today. it has a virus, or something bad has been detected. I couldn’t have someone come fix it right away because it was 8:30 p.m., and well, you know… not many people are still working at that time at my school (though there are a handful). really hoping this computer not functioning is just a temporary thing. made me realize how much I depend on it. for… everything! I have so many files from my first year of teaching (this year!) on there… I really hope  I don’t lose anything. I have confidence.

we really depend a lot on technology these days, eh?


a random shot of my phone, t-money card, and headphones (I finally figured out how to put music on my cell phone- my iPod has been broken for weeks! - it was exciting)


I was just staring at my fingernails and realized hat it has been almost two years since I stopped biting them. I gave myself a small moment to be really proud. It felt good.

be proud of something you’ve done, do it, right now. you feel good.


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