“I laughed a lot today.”

This statement was made by my good friend Dyanne, on the subway, leaving church on Sunday. A true sign of good fellowship with your brothers and sisters is definitely laughter.

Valentine’s Day in Korea is reversed from the way we know it in the USA. Over here, in this Asian land, the ladies buy chocolates for their man (now, really… if you think about it this makes no sense, most men don’t even like chocolate- let alone LOVE IT- at nearly the same intensity that woman do, but… this is Korea).

And since I live in Korea I am a big fan of assimilation. On Sunday the welcoming team was in given the assignment of creating a night of fellowship centered around blessing our brothers… for Valentine’s Day.  Awe. I was put in charge of the activity/game. And if you know me you know that I love games (not necessarily playing them, but making/organizing the game, and as a six time bridesmaid extraordinaire I have the resume to back me up, woot woot).


setting up for the activity, the boys were sweating. haha.

filling out the bingo sheets and getting in the zone


The night was a success.

Monday came around, and I realized that Valentine’s Day is quite possibly, my FAVORITE holiday! I had no idea until I had a classroom of my own. Getting ready for this holiday brought back so many fantastic memories I have from celebrating V Day as a home-schooler. Every year I got to decorate a tissue/shoe box to hold my gazillion Valentines, AND I got to go to Chuck-E-Cheeses with all the other home-schooling peeps (we are that cool), AND I got to play games, win tickets, get prizes, eat pizza, and walk home with a box full of love and a bag of candy.  IT WAS THE BEST.

That is why this year in preparation for the big day of love my students sensed my excitement.  I went on my rant about how we were all going to make valentines for each other and decorate our boxes, in the middle of my rave one girl raises her hand, “Ms. Welton, what is a Valentine?”

Haha, oops. They are Korean, some of them just don’t know.

Don’t worry, I shared my wisdom.


she loved my heart pillow

Sun ready to give out all of his Valentine's.




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