J & S rockin’ Seoul

For the first time I have people who I know from back home invading my world in Seoul. What an experience. I am remembering things that I forgot were strange are, in fact, still strange! I am realizing that there are certain things I accept about the culture I live in now that used to blow my mind.

Justin and Shawnna arrived on Valentine’s Day (a great gift amongst all the chocolate my students showered me with as well)  and have been amazing house guests ever since. So great, in fact that I left them alone in the apartment all weekend to go to grad class. Yeah, okay that wasn’t planned.

I am now taking Justin and Shawnna to experience the wonderment that is New Philadelphia Church in Itaewon. I am THRILLED to be able to bring some friends from my church back home to my home church in Korea!


6 thoughts on “J & S rockin’ Seoul

  1. I’m sure their experience has been wonderful with you as their hostess!!
    Please pass along our love to them:)

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs to you!!!!!!
    Mama K

  2. i’m so glad they came to church today! =) and i can’t wait to hang on saturday… let me know the plans for that.
    i know, man, i always forget the things that are “strange” until people that are new or visiting point them out to me…i’ve been here too long! haha

  3. Dear little Joybird,
    I was not the one who said not to go to the DMZ. It was Gramps, but I’m sure I probably echoed what he said.
    Miss you….. Mommie

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