my heart aches

The DMZ. You may have heard of it. The one thing my mom told me before I moved to South Korea was, ‘Melody, do NOT go to the DMZ.” Sorry, mom.  I went.

I appreciated the experience and my eyes were opened (physically and mentally) to how close I really do live to North Korea. This trip really upset me. I went with my two friends who are visiting (J & S) and Dyanne (a fantastic friend and coworker). The four of us joined a larger tour group, the total was probably 20-25 people.

As I was taken to the “Freedom Bridge” and the “Bridge Of No Return” (7th paragraph in link) and as I stepped on the other side of the room in the MAC Building (the building where North Koreans and South Koreans come together for meetings), technically finding myself in North Korea, my spirit was on fire. Besides the group I came with, every other person seemed to be treating this as just another “tourist attraction”, their attitudes being more like “I stepped on North Korean soil and survived!” rather than one of solemnness. There was a war going on inside of me as I wanted to shout “THIS WAR IS STILL GOING ON!” to the people who acted as if North Korea is just a fake place where men are playing really dangerous nintendo games and using up other people’s lives instead of their own during the tough levels, while at the same time I thought these things I wondered why I needed to come and see this. Was it a tourist attraction for me too?


My heart aches for North Korea.

this shot was taken near freedom bridge

ribbons bought to support peace between north and south korea. ribbons with messages of freedom. ribbons for family members still in north korea.

flags on freedom bridge

looking north

inside the MAC building

officers standing on guard outside the MAC building. it is all for show, as soon as we left our US Soldier (escort) told us if we looked back once our bus took off they all meandered back inside. The North Koreans, however, have guards on duty 24/7.

the bridge of no return


3 thoughts on “my heart aches

  1. ROOMS! 🙂 thanks for your wonderful comment! i always love and appreciate ‘hearing’ from you! your photography has gotten so good!! keep it up!! i especially love that picture of you against the ribbons (very colorful!) and of the bridge of no return.

    i went to the dmz last winter too, except i didn’t get to go into the MAC building (felt ripped off) but saw most of the other things that you saw, and yeah, it’s tough and a little hard for me to understand but good for our knowledge, ya know? anyway, can’t wait to see you and go shutter crazy! LOVE YOU!

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