before it was even nine a.m.

“You need a comma there,” I told my student who had copied down the morning work incorrectly.

“In my world you don’t!” Was my student’s quick reply.

Every morning my students write me a short letter. Today I read: “Dear Miss Welton, I hope you merry soon.”

I laughed and told her the correct way to spell “marry”.

A phrase to get the kids attention: “eyes on me” and then they say “eyes on you” and all the students are supposed to look at the teacher. I did this and then said, “I don’t have everyone’s eyes,” when I noticed a couple of students not looking at me. One student replied, “Ms. Welton you want our eyes?!” and then made the motion to pluck them out.

I am starting back up with taekwondo today, after a couples months off due to vacation and grad school starting… I am putting it up here to hold me accountable. I don’t want to go back, but that black belt is calling my name!


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