You teach. I learn.

It is a humbling experience to show up for what is supposed to be an adult taekwondo class and learn how to punch and kick with five other children, ranging from as young as 7 or 8 up to 14. I was the only adult, that is if you consider me one.

It feels good to be exercising again.

Virgina Rojas. I have already written a blog post about her (the one before this). She came, she stuffed knowledge/information/ideas/lesson plans/strategies/ acronyms/smiles/vocabulary/and everything else into our brains, she left. We had a wrap up session yesterday after school where she gave us the opportunity to reflect on what we learned and talked about.  She gave us choices in how to reflect. One of these choices involved writing a song about our experience. Since we all know my amazing singing capability (and no, I have never heard anyone crack a joke about the irony of what my name means), I decided to turn my song into a poem instead.

This is for Gini…

You teach,

I learn,

You model, and then it’s my turn.

You sing a song, show me a picture, or a graph,

You know just what to say to make me laugh.

When I participate in class,

It can be Think-Pair-Share.

Which doesn’t make me nervous,

Because it is not my whole soul to bear.

Some words confuse me though,

They are mean! You want me to find the mean?

I mean, they mean…what does mean, mean?

Tier II words

Are nothing to cry about,

because you taught me it’s not that kind of tear.

You gave choices,

Because we all have different voices.

I learn because I do,

What you do…

You teach,

I learn,

You model…

and then it’s my turn.


I read this in front of the entire faculty, and no one threw any food at me, even though we were in the cafeteria! score…they were kind. We laughed. I love my job.

The best part was when it was over, Gini came up behind me and gave me a soft kiss on the head saying, “Thank You.”


6 thoughts on “You teach. I learn.

  1. I was really frustrated typing this blog because of the layout… I tried copying and pasting the poem from word too, but it always went to double space… when I tried just single tabs it looked really wacky. Does anyone know how I can fix this?!!!

  2. hey Melody, one solution i’ve had is processing posts through Google docs. it strips out a lot of the MSword spacing issues. also if it just straight text, a basic *.txt file is excellent for copy-paste. however i need spell checker more than not so *.txt isn’t my best solution.

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