We are in the middle of Wicked Wacky Week here at APIS. Today is Career Day. As the school day started I was greeted by a professional golfer, an archer, a baseball player, soccer player, fashion designer, “seller” (she was selling the fashion designer’s clothes), and astronomer (to name a few). It was a tough decision for me, as far as what I wanted to dress up as. After contemplating being a national geographic photographer, a novelist, a teacher (wait…), I decided what I really want to be most when I grow up is… a ninja.

This morning my first student arrived and said, “but Ms. Welton, Joon* said all ninjas are bad.” With no hesitation my immediate reply was, “Not Ms. Welton Ninja.” I almost felt bad when a look of pure relief came over his face. “Aaaahhh, I see.” KIDS, I just want to hug them!

“Ms. Welton, Ninja don’t wear earrings,” another student informed me.


*Name Change


I forgot my katanas at home. oops...


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