Blogging at the airport, LOVE IT.

I was walking down the many steps that exist in Korea, these ones happening to be at my subway stop, after spending a fantastic evening with an amazing friend… and this thought suddenly hit me.

Every single person who stares at me here, in South Korea, knows immediately that I am not from here.  This is not my home land.

Though, over the past six months I have gotten more and more comments about my ethnicity, “Are you half?” is a constant question. Still,  with these inquiries I know that even if people think I am half, they still know. I am not from Here. I am not Korean. I am different.

And yet I live here, this is the place I now call my home.

Speaking of traveling (which I wasn’t, but who needs a smooth transition when I am about go to MALAYSIA!) I am writing this blog post sitting in a free internet lounge where tiny computers are locked to little desk for people to browse the internet at the Incheon International Airport. What other country would set up a bunch of computers and say, “Hey, have a good time while you wait for your flight!” I have been to this airport so many times and I have never seen this place, or passed right by it not realizing what it was.



4 thoughts on “Blogging at the airport, LOVE IT.

  1. Korea is amazing~! Incheon is my favorite airport…hehehehe 🙂 Have an awesome time in Malaysia! Learn lots & get some rest.

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