You don’t even want to read the rest of this post after seeing the title. Do you? DO YOU?

I love putting things off until the last-minute.


I just want to write about my amazing trip to Malaysia and post up pictures and talk about hiking through the oldest rain forest in the world and snorkeling (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER) and laying on the beach , and going to the movies three nights in a row (now that is a vacation!), and attending a fantastic teaching conference, EARCOS, and meeting Geoff Green, who has been to Antarctica SEVENTY-NINE times (dude, just stop counting, but really-I would count too), and getting a foot massage (WHO KNEW they were so painful and why did no one warn me?)…

But instead I am thinking about… TAXES. Which is the equivalent to DEATH in my brain. Especially when living overseas. Can someone help me? PLEASE?


4 thoughts on “taxes.

  1. i was lying (that looks so wrong but i’m thinking it’s so right) on the same beach (sapi) not too long ago! i can’t remember which island (we hopped a lot) but we found a secluded beach on one of the islands. best. trip. ever.

    it’s crazy to think that we were in the same place, only a month or two apart. your right foot could have stepped on the very same spot my left foot stepped on. haha.

    as for taxes–aren’t you exempt because all your income is foreign? i think the cap for that is 70 or 80 thousand? but i did hear that you have to file anyway, not completely sure though ahhahaha i’m a great help, eh?

    see you at the retreat hopefully?

  2. oh ps–left out the most important thing! I. LOVE. ANTARCTICA. been there a total of zero times more than none and i still love it. kind of like the future husband i’m going to “merry”–heard that he’s beautiful, heard that he’s smart and funny and all these great stories about him (from God, the only one that knows him right now ahhahaha) and i’m never met him but I. LOVE. HIM.


    i know you get it, melody.

    am i spelling antarctica?

    so many words in one. i get confuzzed.

  3. am i spelling antarctica RIGHT, am i spelling it RIGHT

    Good Lord save me from senility at 25.

    i’m leaving out words in my sentences in my mid twenties, imagine me pushing 100. shudder. udder.

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