Dear Ms. Welton,

“I will help you merry and I hope you will merry.”

This letter came from the same student who mentioned my relationship status in a previous note to me, I once again told her the appropriate spelling for “marry”. My teaching lessons obviously sink in well.

After I read this letter (and laughed) I asked my student how she was going to help me ‘marry’.  She thought seriously for a second and then responded, “I will pray for you!”

I gave her a high-five.

True to her word, during the morning meeting she prayed for me to find a husband and get married. We’ll see if God was listening in (I mean He is always listening in).


We have each corner of our classroom dedicated to a season. now that spring is here the flowers have gone up! each student wrote spring words or a poem on their own flower (fake, of course, the real ones haven't actually shown up yet even though it is technically SPRING).



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