I can’t help but feel a little sorry for my 13 students (that is right, I only have 13- AMAZING) at times. It just so happens that being the teacher, I have a pulpit to preach from five days a week, seven hours a day.

Yesterday morning during our class meeting I was so inspired by the church retreat I went on this past weekend where Pastors Benjamin (like him on facebook!) and Sunhee Robinson preached up a storm, I mean dude, it was awesome… more on that later though. Back to me being inspired, I taught my students something I learned about the word compassion. See, when it’s split up can be defined as                                                                                                                                                                   com: with                                                                                                                                                   passion: to suffer                                                                                              So when Jesus had compassion, he suffered with us. I explained this to my children and they all gave me blank stares (I mean they are only seven and eight and English is their second language), but then we started talking more about the difference between empathy (a word we have been learning all year) and compassion and they seem to kind of get it… a little.


Today (next day) during our afternoon recess time one of my little girls, we shall call her Ella, hit her head on a pole while pushing some of her classmates on the swings. She hit it pretty bad and it hurt, but she was trying to be tough. One of the girls on the swings looked up at me (as I was being a good teacher and overseeing them on the swings and therefore saw the whole thing) and said “oh, Ms. Welton my head hurts too. I am having compassion for Ella.”

I almost died. I had already forgot we even had that discussion on compassion the day before.

My students DO listen to me!

small preview of the retreat:


One thought on “compassion

  1. I started to listen to the podcasts from the retreat! I was just listening to the first one where he talks about compassion~!! It’s cool because I felt like compassion was a word that God has been speaking to my heart recently! 🙂

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