why do I blog?

Two weeks ago I attended a teaching conference where over 1,000 professionals gathered from all over Asia (and North America, wait… and Europe?! but mostly Asia) to share and learn more about how to do what we love to do: teach.

Last weekend I attended a retreat where the two separate campuses of my church (an English church located in two different parts of Seoul) got together for the first time and we’re ministered too by Pastors Benjamin and Sunhee Robinson (as I mentioned in my previous post). Again I was at a conference where people came together from all over the world to share and learn about how to do what we love to do: have faith in God!

On Monday my sister sent me a couple pics (via WhatsApp on my spankin’ new iPhone) of her moving into her new apartment and yesterday I sent her pics of me getting my brown belt (yes after 3 months absence I finally went back to taekwondo and I am WILL get that black belt! The only thing in my way now is the red belt). Now, me and my sis are playing an intense game of ‘scrabble’ (words with friends app on iphone) while being oceans apart.

Why do I blog? Sometimes I contemplate on having separate ones, a blog dedicated to my faith and all of the revelations He gives me through other people and His word (my inheritance!), a blog dedicated to my job and all the things related to being a teacher and teaching, a blog dedicated to all of the crazy rendezvous I do in life.

And then I realized that I blog because I like to tell stories. Even if I am telling them to myself (and when you write them down/type them out it looks a whole lot more sane than sitting on a bus and talking to yourself). I can’t separate my life into categories, it just isn’t me. You can’t get a part of me, you have to experience all of me. Or… you can pick and choose! Either way, I realized I do it more for me- to reflect- and I find joy in bringing people along for the ride as well!

Final note: I prefer drinking lukewarm water to ice-cold. I don’t know why.  I just do.

back jump kick, broke the boards (2) my first try, woot woot!

Debbie and I with our Master.


5 thoughts on “why do I blog?

  1. ROOMS! I feel ya, ‘cept sometimes I prefer to do mine through pictures instead of words, or, sometimes both 🙂 i totally contemplated making different blogs too, but gets a little tough to manage, huh? anyway, i hope i’ll get to see you sometime sooohooon!

  2. Yeah…i’ve been contemplating making a separate more personal blog separate from my professional one…but don’t know if i could realistically keep that up at the same time~~ hehehe..i’ll prob. stick to my teaching blog for now~ i like how you talk about a variety of stuff in your blog!

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