why write a four page paper reflecting a book you read a couple months ago (and can’t really remember, because you have read about ten books since) that is due tomorrow… when one can write a blog post about absolutely nothing?

I just read my oldest seeester’s blog which she mainly writes for me and me alone (as I like to think) about my adorable niece and nephew and I was just hit with the desire to have children. If you know me well, you know that I plan on adopting… as in, not birthing my children (but I will HAVE children), but loving them in the exact same way because they will be mine.

My niece and nephew. I mean if my sister can make these two adorable creatures, imagined what my mixed (*husband still being determined but hoping he is of a different ethnicity) babies will look like. RIGHT?

I have felt this way for as long as I can remember, not needing to create a child that looks like me but accepting one into my life and being the mother to those who don’t have one. But all of a sudden (maybe it has been happening over the past couple months) as my friends (ALL of them) get pregnant and have babies I have been thinking, “maybe that could be me one day”. WHAT? God… are you saying I have to go through pregnancy? Okay, so maybe a little of my reasoning for adopting is selfish, pregnant woman weird me OUT.

But anyway, God could be changing my heart to have a child of my own. Or He could be preparing me for a true mother’s heart to adopt a child that will become my own.

Did I mention that I am procrastinating from writing a paper?

pizza school! my dinner that I walked to get in the rain because I was craving it and didn't want to come home to write my paper, hahahaha!

I could adopt a Korean, they are SO CUTE! (these kids actually don't need adopting, they are my students and this is them playing for indoor recess, don't want to go out in that dangerous rain you know)


5 thoughts on “procrastination…

    • Yes I did..hehehe…btw thanks for leaving comments on my students’ blogs!!! A few of them replied to your comments! I know they must have been really excited to get comments from another teacher.

      • I hope I got everyone (I was doing it during grad class with a major headache- haha), it is so funny to see them work with technology and accidentally leave a billion of the same comments. There poems are awesome!

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