Mondays are my BEST days.

Almost every Monday I inwardly groan at the thought of having to drag myself down to Myeong Dong and climb up the steep hill to Namsonwon Children’s Home. I mean, it’s Monday. I just started my week with my almost 3rd graders (as they are now acting) and I just want to sleep since I most likely had a weekend full of graduate school and church activities and NO ROOM for sleeping in.

But. Yes, there is a beautiful but. I go. I get to Namsanwon and I am greeted by the most hilarious, most adorable, 13-year-old boy who can barely say “Hi, how are you?”, but can light up my life with a mischievous grin. I LOVE HARRY (as is his new English name picked out by him, did you know that it means mighty warrior? I didn’t…).

Hanging out with him is literally the highlight of my week. And this past Monday was the MOST fun we have ever had. Normally he comes out of his room forgetting his pencil or English homework he needs to work on and then jokes with me (through his actions) that he doesn’t really need his pencil or homework. Yesterday, however, he came flying out of his room, and slid across the floor with his socks causing him to almost fall, carrying his “English Toolkit” (as we shall call it; folder with worksheets, notebook, and a pencil) and answering, “I am GREAT!” when I asked, “How are you?”.

This is what the beginning of our tutoring session looked like:

he found some masks in the room we were working naturally we all had to get pictures with the masks before we could study any English! Only the other two pictures arent showing up, they keep getting deleted? I had one of me and Jee Young and Hailey... WEIRD.

After the novelty of the masks wore off Harry and I sat down to work. We were going to be playing Pictionary with the other two teachers (who volunteer on Monday nights as well) and their students and I wanted Harry to be prepared (what? just because I had the game and tend to get a bit competitive… nothing wrong with being PREPARED).

Harry was ALL FOR IT, I have never seen him so pumped up and just plain HAPPY.

Here is what our study sess looked like:

Harry was all about practicing his pictionary skills so we could kick everyone elses butt... (what? I am NOT competitve)

a SWEET looking crocodile!

Game time. We all get together, eat yummy snacks, and start playing the MOST SENSATIONAL game of Pictionary EVER! During one point Harry (who has a habit of… bending the rules to his advantage *also known as cheating) was trying to look at Nikki’s (fellow Jerusalem Ministry Volunteer) card, she called him out on it and he spoke rapid Korean while shrugging his shoulders and grinning. Jee Young translated, “It’s okay I can’t read English!”.

During another part of the game Nikki’s tutee, Chester, was drawing a picture of a ‘boy’. Harry thought he was drawing a picture of David Beckham (he loves soccer) so he kept saying “Beckham! Beckham!” I looked at him and said, “English Han Wool, you have to say it in English!” He stared at me like I was the biggest idiot in the world and said… “Beckham!”

I laughed for at least an hour afterwards.

Yep… I love Mondays!


2 thoughts on “Mondays are my BEST days.

  1. Aw, your tutee seems very energetic and fun and cute πŸ™‚ the ‘bending rules to his advantage’ part made me laugh; kids have a tendency to do that, don’t they? πŸ˜‰ What kind of place is the Children’s Home, exactly? Is it an orphanage? And do you do for part of school, or church? Either way, you’re making a huge difference in a kid’s life πŸ™‚ Love ya rooms, keep up the good work! And, lets meet soon! No more cancelling, I promiiiiise!!!!

    • I volunteer through church, the organization is called Jerusalem Ministries, and yes it is an orphanage. Thanks for the love on my blog rooms! WE. MUST. HANG. OUT.

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