knock-knock jokes?

Last week I had a bit of a mis-communication with one of my students. It was pretty rough. He ended up being so upset that he opted to sit on the bleachers during recess instead of playing soccer. I mean, the kids really love soccer.

I joined him at the bleachers along with his best friend J2. “Why don’t you tell J1 (creative I know, but both their names start with J!) some jokes to cheer him up?” I suggested to J2.

He happily obliged. Only… I didn’t really get any of his jokes. J1 didn’t think they were funny. I then asked J2 if he knew any knock-knock jokes. His face lit up, “Yeah!”

“Knock-knock.”   “Who’s there?” “Basketball who?” “Basket ball you!”

okay…. I am trying to wrap my mind around that one when, “Knock-knock.”  “Who’s there?”  “Gold.” “Gold who?” “Do you have gold shoes?”

Well, you gotta give it to the boy for trying. J2 looked down at J1 (who had his hood up and head down). “Still not funny?”

Friends. They are so priceless.

For those who want to hear more (I wrote them down in my iPhone):

“Knock-knock.”   “Who’s there?” “Easter.” “Easter who?” “Easter bunny broke an egg on your head.”

“Knock-knock.”   “Who’s there?” “Eggs.” “Eggs who?” “Eggs for breakfast.”

“Knock-knock.”   “Who’s there?” “Juice.” “Juice who?” “Juice in your pants.”

“Knock-knock.”   “Who’s there?” “Sneakers.” “Sneakers who?” “Let’s where sneakers on our hands!”

“Knock-knock.”   “Who’s there?” “Lollipop.” “Lollipop who?” “We have lollipop face.”

“Knock-knock.”   “Who’s there?” “Coffee.” “Coffee who?” “Let’s eat coffee.”

I didn’t even write all of them down. J1 never laughed. I don’t think J2 has ever actually heard a knock-knock joke…


4 thoughts on “knock-knock jokes?

  1. wow… kids jokes are the best because they never make sense~ so you laugh because you don’t get it. hahahaha

  2. omg…my brother made similar knock-knock jokes when he was younger…I still remember one…
    “knock knock” “Who’s there?” “House.” “House, who?” “House, May I come in your house?”

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