The Lazy River

For the past couple of weeks at my school the entire elementary division has been working on a little something we like to call… (wait for it)… Write Across APIS. Every grade took a collection of Allen Say illustrations into their classrooms and let the students pick a picture. They took a picture they liked and came up with their own story to go along with it. I teach second grade (for those who may not know) and I had a student come up with a story that I just HAD to share. After she finished this story and read it to me, I almost had tears in my eyes. My students are so talented. First let me show you the picture, and then read the story below it (to keep as much authenticity as possible I typed it exactly as she wrote it).

The Lazy River

I have a little river. I wake it up each day. One day I went to wake her when I saw a man standing guarding her. I was scared but I couldn’t let my river go lazy. So I collected all my bravness and went to wake up my little river. When I was on my way the man caught me and said, “This river is sold.” “It is bought my the richest man in town.” My eyes were now fulled with tears. Everything seen blury. Now I couldn’t hold onto it and cried my loudest. The main could not stand it and finally said you can have the river back. And from that day no one bought the river again.

The end.


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