If there is one thing I like to talk about more than talking about myself, it would be talking about other people! 🙂

Especially when those other people being talked about (by me) are my family.

Before the days of big family reality TV shows there were: THE WELTONS.

My youngest brother is the only one left at home right now and he has this amazing artistic ability that I am just now recognizing because I didn’t think it was possible to have THREE really amazing artists in the family. A spotlight on J2* is much deserved, this is his blog that he has to do for school, and he does it so well!

The second to youngest brother (I decided to go in reverse order, normally you start from the oldest, but I feel like spicing it up by mixing it up, don’t get too confused) has just finished his first year at Michigan State and he recently shaved his head. He also wrote me an email telling me his hopes and desires (in a “dude, what’s up yo?” sort of way) and let me tell you, T is mad smart and witty and strong, even without his hair.

G, she is the baby sister of the family (poor thing) and she is mad talented musically. My sis can sing you into tears of happiness/joy/sadness, you name it. She makes you feel. And even though she goes to my university’s rival school Central (because sometimes I pretend to care about such things), she is still cool.

H. Psshhh, she is going to take over the world at the age of 27, calling it right now. Not only did she graduate in 3 1/2 years (from Michigan State) and get a job in Chicago right out of the gate, she now works in Ann Arbor (back in the home state!) for GOOGLE. Don’t hate.

A2 is, in essence, a rock star. She took my advice (I like to think) and studied abroad, so she is extremely cultured. And yet, she is rocking the home roots of our small one stop-light town, loving the comfortableness (how can that not be a word?) of  cowboy boots and jeans while living in the oldest farmhouse in Barry County (raising cows to slaughter) and getting promotion after promotion at her job. She has to manage a lot of men in the truck rental industry and she does it with class.

The first wave of mad artistic ability came from my older bro, S, who went to U of M (yeah, we are spread out among the universities in Michigan, we like to play fair) because he is a very intelligent human being. Check him out on Vimeo. He is ridiculous.

As the oldest sister of the fam, A1 produced the two best looking children I have ever seen (link to her blog where she posts many pictures of the two best looking children). Honest. I am not just saying that because I am their Aunt (okay, I very well could be saying that because I am their Aunt). They are the cutest, most adorable, most beautiful, children on the face of the planet. For real. Anyway, back to A1, she is also talented (go figure), she can sing, she can play the piano (really well), she composes music (she composed a piece for a friend’s wedding dance song- WOW), and she is supermom. She is also married to this cool guy who is the brother of my oldest brother’s wife… K is super talented as far as lights and sounds systems go.

J1 KILLS IT as my big brother, I have no idea how I would act if I had to be the oldest out of nine… I feel very protected (except for when he is predicting my death) by J1, who is married to D (you know, the sister of K, A1’s husband, haha and YES totally legal), an amazingly beautiful woman of God who can bring the house down when she opens her mouth to sing. SO MUCH TALENT in my fam! J1 started up his own welding business (Brown Dog Welding) , he creates the most amazing things (the artist who tops them all), check him out.

Where do I even begin when talking about my mom and pops? After working in a factory for 30 years my dad started his own real estate business (with my mom) and is now the landlord of several homes and apartments. He can fix/do anything (include build a log house), he is the most stable man I know, he is (in my opinion) the greatest dad in the world. My mom, after having nine children (home-schooling all  of us, with the exception of little J2, at one point or another…yes we are that stereotypical big Christian family… or are we?!) decided to go to college and graduated at the top of her class (before I graduated from uni even though we started the same year… uh, I took my time to make sure I was really educated???) with a degree in nursing.

Yes, I do like to talk about other people. Especially my family. This picture was taken several years ago (it is kind of hard to get us all together) but its the most recent one I have.^^

*All names have been replaced by first initial, for safety reasons you know (since I am not posting their life stories on this blog, or pictures, or anything…).

xoxo,                                                                                                                                                       M

p.s. I apologize for my love and overuse of parenthesis, I just like to get as much information as possible (and have many afterthoughts/add-ons).


7 thoughts on “THE WELTONS

  1. b-e-a-uuuutiful! i always get confused when you tell me stories but now i have a guide of some sort! you’re lucky you have such a big and happy and loving family (not that you already don’t know)! 🙂 thanks for sharing.
    ps- will never forget the story about the ‘beast’ until THE DAY I DIE. 🙂

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