a shared revelation

On an average day, my purse contains the following items:

  • lip gloss + chapstick
  • very flowery large wallet
  • planner
  • Bible
  • notebook
  • Nikon D5000
  • 3-5 pens
  • lotion
  • candy +gum
  • many, many receipts
  • random jewelry
  • book club book (that’s right, I am in one)
  • cell phone (that is before I lost it, [loud wail])
Needless to say, my purse is never light. When I was on Jeju Island last month my two girlfriends and I decided to rent scooters (some may call them mopeds in the States) for the weekend. While riding around we were free of all bags since they were in the compartment under our seats. Feeling nothing but the wind on my back and wearing nothing but my helmet, sick new shades, (and clothes-obvi), throughout the day I kept feeling like I was missing something. I didn’t have this extra weight around my shoulders and it felt weird… I loved the feeling of not being weighed down,  but it also made me feel paranoid. I always felt like I left something behind, and I didn’t like that feeling.
         At one point throughout the day I expressed these feeling to my girlfriends. We woke up the next morning to return our scooters to the lovely (and very trusting) lady we rented them from and afterwards one of my girlfriends turned to me and said, “Something you said yesterday gave me a huge revelation. I was thinking about it in the shower.” The shower  is usually where I get my huge revelations as well, so this made sense to me, but I had no idea what I had said.
       She reminded me of what I shared and then went on to explain how  people walk around with this weight, a burden. Then, God takes it away. We are free! And yet we feel like we need to have it back. We feel like we are missing something when it is not there. Which could be why so many people pick that burden back up even after God has released us from it. 
        It was an amazing revelation for me too. Thank you for sharing it with me R.

I googled the contents of a woman's purse and I got this image. Can't believe I forgot to mention nail polish!


2 thoughts on “a shared revelation

  1. That paranoid feeling of not having your things? Hate it! Nothing feels heavy when it’s in a backpack ^^

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