the simple life

The countdown has begun. I am almost halfway through my third to final week of my first year teaching. I simply can’t believe it. I know everyone says this, but I have learned A LOT, mostly through the mistakes I made^^. My poor students. They were the guinea pigs… but they will always and forever be the first loves of my teaching life. I may even miss their daily nagging of me finding myself a husband (maybe). Watch me say that and then next year they wander down the hall from third grade to peak in my classroom and say, “got a ring on that finger yet?” GAAAAAHHHH!

My mom sent me and email today about the family vaca I am going on this summer with my parents and youngest brother (2 out of their 9 children tagging along to go out west? that’s actually a pretty good percentage!). As I read the message from her I realized how quickly my summer is going to go by.

First the Grand Canyon with the parentals. Then out east (Boston, Philly, New York, Baltimore, and maybe even D.C.!) with a group of besties. Then Michigan (you know, where I am from) and a friend’s wedding! Then back to Korea where I will leave to go to Nepal (mission trip-woot, woot!) before I come back again to start my second year of teaching. Did I mention that during that time I also have to complete two grad classes online? Part of which includes writing the first 3 chapters of my final thesis… Yup, that all hit me today and let’s just say I had a minor heart attack.

Now I just need to pack up and move apartments… what a simple life I live :b


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