LStan, this is your time to shine.

I never thought it would be possible. Korea has turned normal. Or my brain has turned Korean. The first year I lived here my e-mails home were a lot like LStan’s page Only in Korea.  Then I started a blog about my adventures, but that has turned more into me reflecting on my first year of teaching and living life abroad in general.

Laura does the “living in Korea blog” perfectly. And this page (the one linked above) is amazing , please read it and you will gain even more understanding of my life here.

Feel free to check out the rest of her blog too, because it is HILARIOUS. I myself feel like I do (or have done) an awful lot of exploring in this country, and then I read/hear about my friends doing so much more. I need to get on this!

psshh, I want a cool blog header tooooo.


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