Field Day

Our chant went like this, "APIS Agents are the best!" I really hope the other teams didn't think we were shouting "asians" instead of "agents"... that would have been bad...

I am tired. Yeah. I know I don’t say that often, but it’s legit. I am currently sitting on the subway (who thought I would ever write a blog post from a subway?) heading toward the very fancy Hyatt (in Korea, this place is FOR REAL, extremely nice!) about to meet with my professor for my grad class that is centered around writing my final project document, my thesis, my ticket to getting my masters… and I am coming from school where I just spent the day outside, in the heat and sun, doing activities such as the spoon run (kid’s running with spoons that have ping pong balls-substituted for eggs- in their cereal scooper part), scooter relay, sponge duck duck goose, hula hoops, well… you get the idea.

My group consisted of two of my own students and then 13 other kids from the other second grade class and the two third grade classes. We were the APIS Agents and our chant was: “APIS (short pause) AGENTS ARE THE BEST!” we often walked around the field with one student shouting “APIS!” and the others calling “AGENTS ARE THE BEST!”

I was probably the one teacher on the field who was really happy and excited to be there, besides Ms. B… the P.E. teacher. I even participated in some of the games when the numbers were odd. It. Was. awesome.

And VERY tiring.

Did I mention that I am wearing a most ridiculously bright orange t-shirt? Oh, and I am about to go to a really fancy posh hotel?

Wearing my really bright t-shirt.  I don’t mean to make this post all about me (except, it IS my blog) but man, I am one cool teacher ^^ and a very dedicated student!

pretty sure that is NOT how you are supposed to hold the spoon in this game.

she knows the rules.

cheering on their teammates!


my students' music teacher showing a little APIS spirit!

I obviously had to show my team how it was done.

an interesting version of duck duck goose, we had a sponge because we were really hot. it went “drip drip, drip drip, SQUASH!” guess what happened when they yelled squash? needless to say some of the kids were pretty soaked.I obviously had to show my team how it was done.

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