my walk home through photography

I absolutely love the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Nothing to me could be truer, literally. My friend Christina takes that quote to heart and rarely writes long posts to go along with her life, which she shows through pictures. Over the years my style as a photographer has changed drastically.

I used to hold the belief that a picture wasn’t worth taking if there weren’t people in it. More importantly people I knew, people I loved. And even more importantly I had to be in the picture too! This was over a decade ago when digital hadn’t hit the big time yet and I was using disposable cameras to capture my life. There was something exciting AND disappointing about getting all those pictures developed, you just never knew which ones would turn out. That was why I only wanted to take pictures of me and my family and friends, doing things, to capture memories, to scrapbook! I was still like that when I got my first digital camera. I just took more pictures (and rarely got them printed). It wasn’t until I started living in other parts of the world that the pictures I took began to look different. All of the sudden I realized how beautiful the world was and even if I couldn’t capture it the way my eyes could, I really wanted to TRY. I have developed this overwhelming need to make my camera my eyes. I have started to see things for the sake of pictures. I have started doing MORE things just so that I can take pictures of whatever it is I am doing. I have gone from a place of having to be in FRONT of the camera, to really wanting to be the one behind it. I notice details I have never noticed before because I can see it being a picture I might like. A brick building, a plant growing from the sidewalk, a stranger giving her child a cone of ice cream.

I know my blog isn’t set up in a worthy way to display these pictures, but I am going to do it anyway. And you can expect a couple more posts like this (with fewer words and more pictures) in the future. For now, here is my walk to and from school.


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