meeting a younger mom and dad

My parents first date was a high school basketball game.

I asked them what their favorite thing to do was when they went on dates in high school. “Getting lost trying to find drive-in movie theaters.” They both responded instantaneously with a chuckle.

“We always shot for the first showing of the movie knowing we wouldn’t get there until the second one because it took us an hour and half to find the theater,” My mom said. “We were horrible!”

We are currently in Colorado Springs, where my parents vacationed 31 years ago. They were three years younger than I am now and they had a two-year-old boy. I have been trying to imagine how they interacted with each other as 23-year-olds AND with a child… and naturally these thoughts lead me to asking them a lot of questions about their younger years.

The car my parents owned  (color and all!) when they took their road trip to the Rockies. If only they still had this “great little car” (Mazda GLC).


6 thoughts on “meeting a younger mom and dad

  1. Rooms! Nice post 🙂
    I can’t believe I just saw all your recent photo posts just now!
    They are absolutely beautiful and I think you’ve improved so much and are developing your own flavor/style as a photographer!!! 🙂 🙂 shooting when you get back!! ❤ ❤ have fun @ home!!

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