A natural high: Pike’s Peak

Day 4: hike take a train up to Pike’s Peak…

… and make a new friend!

As you may have noticed I am becoming extremely addicted to my new editing software: Adobe Lightroom. Day 4 of vacation was a full day! While Jordan and I headed up to the top of Pike’s Peak we had the pleasure of meeting Hannah, from the lovely land of England. She is busy traveling around the States during her gap year before college. We invited her to hang out with us the rest of the day, she obviously accepted (because we are SO COOL). After we ate some world-famous donuts at the top of the mountain we were picked up at the bottom by the parentals and headed over to the cliff dwellings… once we were finished there we decided to take Hannah to Garden of the Gods (since we were rained out the day before) and had a fantastic time.

p.s. I left out my pictures of fences this time… but they WILL be on fb!


4 thoughts on “A natural high: Pike’s Peak

  1. Okay so i would really like a copy of the train picture!!!! I seriously want to frame it and put it on my wall!!! It would go great with my furniture! So before you go can we get that printed????

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