a day of rest

Day 8: Hang out at the Marriott in Flagstaff, Arizona…

…and do absolutely nothing^^

It was nice to have a day where I did nothing, nada, zilch. Okay, as far as driving goes… I didn’t get in the car once on day 8! I went outside in the courtyard and I laid my sun-deprived body (there is only smog in Korea…usually) on one of those chairs, AND I did grad school work. REALLY.

I got so much stuff done, and man 0 man did it feel good. I finished all my case studies, thought up a future school I want to open in the Philippines, and wrote up a summary for a research article. I know, you are all so proud. Especially since it is not all due until August. Next step… write the first three chapters of my final project document. oh dear…


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