“Drugs are SO bad!”

Day 10: Drive to Santa Fe, Arizona…

…and take ZERO pictures???

I can explain! Really… we drove ALL day without stopping. We went out for dinner. And then my parents dropped us ‘kids’ (at 26 years old I have become a ‘kid’ again anytime my parents talk about me on vacation, it is hilarious, I love it) off at the movies. I went to take a picture of my little bro and I waiting to see Super 8 and realized my camera battery was completely dead. Hence, no photos.

The title of this post is my favorite line from the movie (which was hilarious, the child actors were legit good).

I have learned a lot of things from this road trip, and I can now tell you that my brother talks/walks in his sleep every single night. Last night, I got hit in the face (with his elbow) three times. I yelled at him when he was trying to open the door (we had a chair in front of it) to go outside in the dark. Several nights ago I was peacefully sleeping and I heard a knock on the hotel door around 1:30 a.m. I thought I was dreaming so I ignored it. The knock sounded again, and again. Finally, my dad got up and a sleepy little brother stood sheepishly in the hallway (that was when we started blocking the doors, which is why he had to move a chair out of the way last night).

The scariest moment was our second or third night on the road. I woke up screaming because my brother jumped up and had both hands out as if he was going to grab me YELLING at the top of his voice because people were chasing him on the trail. I escaped (literally, ran to the bathroom) as my parents tried to convince him that he was sleeping (he was NOT convinced easily). I am still alive though, phew…



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