definitely, maybe.

and there goes five weeks. oh man, did that go by fast… as it always does! in between traveling through 19 states (and stopping by our good neighbor Canada-huggsies! the niagara falls is totally better on your side), I attended a wedding, went to a baby shower, celebrated birthdays, wrote a thesis (haha… just kidding, but I started my grad school project document!) and just ‘hung out’ with some pretty amazing people.

but watch out, summer isn’t over yet! tomorrow (today? Tuesday.) I head back to Korea (with bags full of teaching supplies and chick peas… I am totally addicted to hummus) where I will be for about two full days before I leave again. NEPAL. I am so excited for this mission trip.

I am pretty sure I haven’t fully wrapped my mind around leaving my family yet though. tonight my mom cooked up an amazing last meal for me (steak and mashed potatoes with corn and homemade bread- all my favorites! not to mention homemade ice cream with brownies and strawberries for dessert, SO YUM) and we ended the night with watching Definitely, Maybe. I freaking LOVE chick flicks ^^. It felt so normal. Just to be here. Hang out by the pool, drive to a bonfire, worship with my family at The Point (my church in MI), and then tomorrow I fly halfway around the world again.

I have such a blessed life, to be able to have such amazing people who love me all over the world. Already missing my family and friends on this side!


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