just let me keep my chick peas!

The best part about coming back from a long trip, is unpacking your suitcases. In my case, I forget about a LOT of the things I pack, making unpacking a fun surprise! This time around I completely forgot that I packed a hammer, haha, because who knows how often I find myself in Seoul needing a hammer and not knowing where to buy one?!

I also was pretty pumped about the five pounds of chick peas I managed to bring back with me (they are uber expensive in Korea and only available at foreign food marts okay?). Only I did not for one second forget I packed those. The reason? When I went through security in Grand Rapids they pulled my carry-on over to the side to search it, great. I had NO IDEA that one of my chick pea cans ended up in it! Crap. I don’t know why I did that (especially since my other suitcases were still underweight). The security people were super cool though and let me take it (even though there is liquid inside the can) because they sympathized when I explained my dilemma with chick peas in Korea.

Then I get to Japan. I have to go through security again. They were not so nice and though I tried to explain that I came all the way from Michigan and it was cool with the security in Grand Rapids, the Japanese security personnel were not having it. I walked off in a huff (as one who tends to be dramatic does) only to be chased down by one of the guards telling me I was going the wrong way. I know, I am sooooo cool.

And now I am back in my new apartment in Korea, looking at all the things I need to put away and mentally preparing myself for it. I have already been awake for four and a half hours (its 10 a.m. and if you do the math that means I woke up at 5:30 to the sun streaming through my hot room, after going to bed at 1 a.m.)  and I have already rearranged my room, started unpacking, gone on a long bike ride by the river, taken a shower, went to the bank, and now I have successfully completed a blog post.

good to be home, if only for three nights!


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