Nepal through a window.

A journal entry from last Wednesday, July 27th:

I am learning the most about life in Nepal through a moving window, during the 30-50 minute (depending on how many duck/chicken crossings there are, or cows in the road, oh… and then actual traffic) ride from our hotel to the school, and then back again.

They have public water faucets for bathing and families water supply…. little baby girls (and boys) look up at me from their mother’s arms through eyes surrounded by thick black make-up. Dried red peppers hang from the windows and women’s bent over backs (sometimes with a baby attached to it) appear in the fields.

Dust covers everything. 

And yet the women are so clean and beautiful.

The roads are full of buses and motorcycles (I have never seen this many motorcycles in one place in my whole life) and people, I am so terrified they will get hit. The black exhaust coming from every large vehicle makes me think even the heavily polluted city of Seoul has better, fresher air. Life here is much slower (but just as crowded in this small area) as Seoul though- nothing is ‘bali! bali!’ except maybe the driving. At night in my dreams I can still hear all of the horns honking- even compared to New York City I have never heard so many horns.

There is so much to tell about my trip to Nepal (quick synopsis: I went there to train teachers hired by a missionary- Grace ma’am who started a school for Nepali children to get an education in English without paying an arm a leg for it… The teachers must be Christian and able to speak in English… making the director’s pool of people to choose from VERY small, therefore the teachers don’t usually have the training and tools and resources available to most developed countries… that’s where me and two of my co-workers came in!), but I feel that I was more blessed than the teachers I went to train. Here are a few pictures, besides the training of the teachers the only chance I really had to take pictures of Nepal was through the window of the bus (hence the fantastic composition of most of the pictures, hehe).

Tammi, Jee Young, and I with the teachers (and Director Grace ma’am as they call her^^) of Gloria School.


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