i dream about dancing

It’s true. If I could live my life differently, instead of ‘bumping/barely tapping’ that truck that rolled down a hill and hit two other parked cars in a different parking lot when I was sixteen, instead of doing that and having to spend all of the money I made working on my car insurance every month… I totally would have spent that money on dance classes.

I hear music. I want to move. I wish I knew how to move like a dancer. But most of the time it doesn’t matter. I hear music. And I still move. In my mind I move beautifully! I see myself dancing and I smile. Almost every single time I hear music, I dance. I hope I never stop.



2 thoughts on “i dream about dancing

    • hey patrick, I always love your comments! photo credit goes to my friend lynnsy, she took it on my nikon d5000, and then I edited it in adobe lightroom!

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