looking for horses

Blessed with a clear day for the first time in a fortnight (I really just wanted to use that word) Tina and I met up at Seoul Racecourse Park Station on Line 4. The sun was shining, the heat was intense, and for not having a race that day, the track was packed. Neither Tina nor I had ever been to a race track before. It was an eye-opening experience.

We walked in wanting to find the horses (we both LOVE horses), and ended up discovering a sad past time/addiction for thousands of ajhussis. In a culture where the father is often absent, here is another reason why. To spend an entire weekday at the tracks holding a betting sheet, chain-smoking, only to watch a race on a big screen because there isn’t an actual one on the tracks… what?

I love the idea of letting a horse run. I just hate the idea of caging in a person.

I was absolutely obsessed with her necklace.  I want one.The saddest eyes I have ever seen. They were there for children to ride. We found a playground. Enough said!


2 thoughts on “looking for horses

  1. Hey! I was just reading through your blog, missin’ you, Korea, and the past few years– my mom has the same necklace you photographed! I can ask her where she got it (probably online, woman be shoppin’ online constantly). I love your pictures.

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