back to school jitters

“Ms. Welton, are you pregnant?”

Guess I shouldn’t have worn this outfit on the first day of school. I turned to the side to show my new second grade student that no, I was not pregnant, and yes, I have a small waist. She gave an understanding nod and blamed it on the skirt.

At the end of the day one of my student’s mother came to introduce herself to me. She told me her son wanted to be in my class (what? SO COOL) and his exact words were, “I want to have Ms. Welton as my teacher. She is scary, but funny!” hmmm… I am not exactly sure when I interacted with this kid last year. But he pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Basically, it was an exhausting, but exciting day.  The second time around is completely different that the first. I see my students from last year head to the third grade classrooms and my heart hurts. I want them back! But I know I will fall in love with my students this year and think the same thing again this time next year. How do teachers do it? My heart is going to keep expanding until it eventually explodes. Really.



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