I can, and I will.

I have never had more to do in my entire life. So, obviously, I am avoiding all of it. I just sat here, at my desk, for five minutes, staring at nothing. Or something, but thinking nothing. Or thinking many things and not knowing which thought to grasp and put into action, or which thought to ponder and come up with a solution, or which thought to… okay I am done with my thoughts.

This morning I heard a soft knock on my door around 7:55… school starts at 8:10 and my students last year would just burst through the door. I call, no one comes in. Another soft knock. I walk over to my classroom door and as soon as I open it I see one of my students from last year holding up a big chocolate bar (my favorite kind, he knows^^) for me. I almost cried (which would have been different from the tears I cried the morning before-YUP- those were tears of feeling overwhelmed and stressed, these would have been tears of joy) but I hugged and thanked him instead.

The hugs and excited waves from my students last year, and the warm bright hellos and hugs from my students this year are what keep me going. I can do this. I can finish grad school, I can start new programs and curriculum at my school, I can be involved with church, I can get my black belt in taekwondo, I can hang out with friends socially, I can tutor Han Wool, I can and I will.

I just need more hours in the day. Who do I talk to about that?


2 thoughts on “I can, and I will.

  1. Just do what do and don’t sleep. Although, you may end up losing your mind and wondering who you are at times. You’re just in a transition…new school year, new challenges, etc. You’ll get in the swing of it soon and have plenty of time to do everything. Then the next new challenge will come along:)

    And remember, when you take precious time in your day to spend with God, whether it’s early in the morning, later at night or in the middle of the day, you may find that you have more time than you know what to do with. He will give you all the time you need.

    Love you

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