Laura, Emilie, Charlie, Kate, Dianne, Jordan, Daniella, Clara, Jennifer, Zach, Rachel and Nikki… These are the names of the friends I have had to say goodbye to in the past month. Yes. Count them. My life is not normal. It’s one of the worst things about living abroad. Always having to say goodbye.

I would rather say goodbye though, than never having said hello.

Especially with the case of one extra special goodbye (I really shouldn’t call it that though, since I will most definitely being seeing her again!) this past Sunday.


The first person to start teaching me about Korean culture by the way I watched her interact with her family when they dropped her off at orientation.

My first ten days in South Korea will always be among the best, because if Christina and I hadn’t been roommates I am not so sure we would have become friends. Luck of the draw, and I won the lotto!

I will miss you rooms. Come back sooooon.


One thought on “rooms

  1. How is it that I’ve just seen this now??? can you post your blog on my wall whenever you update?? please and thank you 🙂 rrroooomssss i miss you so much alreadyyyyy!! but i will, i MUST see you again!! take care and i’ll send something your way soon! ❤

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