a broken shelf and taekwondo

I am staring at a broken bookshelf in my classroom right now. It toppled over a couple of days ago because the students tendency to shove the cushions back to where they belong was a leeetle too forceful. Luckily no one was behind it. That would have been bad.

As the students freaked out and started blaming each other I calmly asked them to sit at their spots on the rug while I picked the bookshelf up. “But what if it falls back down on top of me in my spot? You better be strong Ms. Welton!” One of my students exclaimed. Pssshhh, no problem. As they started shouting “Wow, superwoman teacher!” I lifted the whole thing up (books in it and all) and majorly pinched my hand in the process (but of course I didn’t tell them that). I love impressing my students.

Just to give you a picture of what this looked like, here is the bookshelf now, we took out the books and made it just for pillows (books used to be in the top shelf):

The kiddies love those strawberry pillows, found them in an underground shopping center connected to a subway last year.

And here is the back of the bookshelf:

Still not fixed, staples (from a nail gun) sticking out. SO SAFE.

Those pics were taken on my iphone so they are not up to the standard of what I usually do, but they had to be shared.

ALSO, I have FINALLY gone back to taekwondo. After blowing the dust off of my brown belt I participated in a class that KICKED MY BUTT. It was AWESOME. Then upon leaving I realized that my face was all over the hallway wall leading up to my taekwondo place. Hahahahahaha. Another pic from the iphone, can you find me???


3 thoughts on “a broken shelf and taekwondo

  1. the strawberry cushions!!! aww your class is so cuteee! i hope you get fixed/better shelves for your cushions! and glad you got back into tkd! good to hear you’ve made a little more you-time 🙂

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