our beautiful world

our world is breathtakingly beautiful. no matter how busy you get (and goodness knows, I tend to fall into that category more often than not) take time to tell the people who make your world beautiful how amazing they are (like now, YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!). take time to stop and look at the mountains surrounding the city of seoul, the lakes and sand dunes and forests of michigan, the awesome bridges in san francisco, the coral reefs in australia, the lights in hong kong, the viking ships in norway, the beaches in the philippines, and the list goes on (for a VERY long time!), and every single place, whether it is a building, a flower, or a person… is beautiful. God made it that way, take time to enjoy it, every day.

my bike ride this morning, I took time to enjoy the beauty of the outside world before discovering the beauty of words (yay, grad school!!! this is not sarcasm, trying to build an appreciation here).

I love my bell! Sometimes I ring it, just to ring it.

I tried a couple of self-timer shots.

I love it by the river!

Seoul has a lot of bridges…

I love finding nature in the city.

moth on flower, love.


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