no pain no gain

“I am actually surprised you haven’t gotten hurt sooner, you are a Welton.”

My sister’s response when I called her last night to tell her that I hurt my arm during taekwondo. In all fairness, the same thought actually crossed my mind as I sat there icing my elbow.

We were practicing our tumbling (“You tumble in taekwondo?” roommate’s responses when I snuck up on her this morning to ask what was wrong with my elbow, she is a P.E. teacher after all) last night, which I am actually pretty good at… So since I can cart-wheel, do back-bends, and somersaults like there is no tomorrow- thank you gymnastic lessons when I was 7 (or 6?)- I try really hard to impress since I can’t kick or punch as hard as the guys at my gym.

Anyhow, we were trying out front hand springs, I was on my third or fourth attempt when my arms buckled and something felt wrong in my elbow (a pop, if you will) and I came crashing down. My reaction was one of gasping for breath and disorientation. Everyone rushed over, which was not at alllll embarrassing (note sarcasm).

I was immediately ushered to a chair handed an ice pack and given a cup of water. Now my main master speaks English pretty fluently, but it was his birthday so he was not there. The second in command master is not as confident in his language skills so he starts drawing a bone shape (like the kind you give a dog) and a zig-zag line through it… no no no, I assure him, I did not break any bones.

So they continued with cool down stretches:

and I continued to ice my elbow… and then I left and as I was taking the stairs I stopped to do what I have been meaning to do since I started taking taekwondo a year and a half ago.

Okay seriously, HOW CREEPY IS THAT (who makes a fake dog look THAT REAL)?

p.s. the shots are all a little blurry since I was doing them one-handed and on my phone.


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