I love weddings. But really. I LOVE THEM. I love helping my girlfriends with ideas and planning. I love looking at strangers’ wedding pictures. Which is not as weird as going to a stranger’s wedding (which I have done, and not as a date of a boyfriend). I love talking about weddings. If you must label me as a typical woman who loves to plan and re-plan her wedding (which, technically I don’t do. at. all.) and dreams in flowers, and colors, and venues, and guest lists… that is totally fine. To be honest, the idea of having a wedding of my own scares and stresses me to no end. BUT being a part of weddings, and making invitations for my sisters and friends, and picking out bridesmaids dresses, and commenting on good hairstyles. I JUST LOVE IT. Most of all, I love DANCING at weddings.

And last weekend, boy did I DANCE.

Congratulations to my friends John-Michael and Sky Becker. They got married in the States this past August and when they came back to Korea they had a celebration with all of their friends here, and we all know- it was just an excuse to get us all together so that we could DANCE.

The newlywed having a great time taking pictures of her friends on the dance floor, how gorgeous is she??? Love you Sky!

Oh, and here is the toast that Sky’s maid of honor made through a video. It is INCREDIBLE and I watch it at least three times a day. LOVE IT.


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