the help & air force onesssss

I walked into the local GS25 down the street from my work (school) today during my planning time (I needed CHOCOLATE okay?!) and my ears were embraced with the sound of an old song from high school blaring throughout the small convenience store.

Yes, I am in South Korea and I can still walk into a store and hear, “Air Force Ones” by Nelly. I could not stop smiling as I mouthed the words (wait… how do I know these words?!) thinking back to my days as a seventeen-year-old, sitting on my schools bleachers, and singing yelling along to the song as they played it during basketball warm-ups. Nine years may have passed since then, but I can still remember loving to all-attitude up the girl part, “Kyjuan, where are you gettin’ them colors, are you dyin’ them?” Do you know how many people didn’t realize that song was about shoes?

I left GS25 with a smile, still singing the song in my head. Then I saw a guy ride by on a scooter (or mopeds as they are commonly called in the states) with his helmet barely fitting on his head (let alone strapped around it) because he couldn’t handle the thought of taking off his baseball cap. Not sure the helmet is going to help much buddy.

In other news, I read The Help last week. SHOOT. That is One. Good. Book. I can’t wait to see the movie, but it hasn’t come out (and we aren’t sure if it will!- insert sad face-) in Korea yet. In all seriousness though, reading it made me realize how little I still know about the world I live in. The fact that mindsets like that could/can/and do exist. Wow. It made me think. I like to think. Sometimes…


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