sprinting towards my black belt

At times when I have no time and I neglect my blog, I feel like I am ignoring a friend. Is that weird?

Over the past couple of weeks I have gotten into the habit of randomly sprinting. Not for very long mind you, I am talking about sprinting to the bus from my apartment, or down the hall to the bathroom, I just…. like it. I have been a teeny tiny bit stressed and its a nice way to let out my crazy. I wish I could turn those sprints into actual runs. I think I would like that. Being healthy, exercising regularly… one of these days.

Is it weird that I am so happy on the Fridays I don’t have to go to grad school because it means I don’t have to rush out of work? This week I brought in a watermelon. I had to prove to my students that watermelons have seeds (as written about on my class blog) because they thought that they did not.

Guess what else I did this week?

Due to my sprained tendon, I had to use my left arm to do the hand break, but I did it!

My favorite kick, the spin hook kick! This is me winding up.

Nailed it!

Charlotte got her green belt! And yes, I am wearing a red one!!! Next step, black belt. Wow. I can’t believe I am so close.


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